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Bank Properties & Reposessions

PadPall Bank Properties

Bank properties across Spain are very common and also very sought after boy both Spanish residents and investors across europe looking for a good opportunity for resale or a new home here in Spain. 


Typically Bank reposessed properties will come specific developers who have not been able to finance the completion of the work at which stage the bank assists on selling the development. This is typically seen where you have a number of properties on the same plot of land. Other Bank properties come directly from home owners where the mortgage payments have lapsed to a degree that the bank have had to reposess the property. It is also not uncommon following a reposession that it takes years before the property will eneter back into the property market


Apartments tend to be plentyful as these property types will typically come from developers where as villas and houses are the lesser and very hard to find due how quickly they are snapped up by investors that watch the market for these types of opportuinities.


If your seeking a bank property or reposession it's often a lot faster to go directly to the bank and find out what they have on books. You can review some of the banks across Spain and Almeria by using the below links which will take you directly to the bank property portals. Also please feel free to review the bank properties on PadPall direct at:,121/country,ES/sShowAs,list


Banks with Properties & Reposessions:





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